Setting up a Subversion Repository (SVN) at in Aptana Studio (with Subclipse)

As I described in my last posts, I am currently playing around with Aptana Studio, developing WordPress plugins (which are useless so far…) . Now I thought about how to do develop WordPress plugins in a small team. Since one of my fellow students recommended the usage of for collaborative software development, I checked it out by setting up a subversion repository that supports Aptana’s Eclipse plugin. It only took a few simple steps…

First, I opened an account named abc and started a new project; lets call it abc as well. Unfuddle’s repositories page tells me that my subversion repositories URL is:

After that, I added the Subclipse plugin to my Eclipse installation, carefully chosing the 1.4.2 release of Subclipse, because unfuddle currently uses Subversion 1.5.5 on its servers. Subclipse can either be downloaded from or it can be added by chosing “Subclipse” from “Utilities” in the “My Aptana” view.

Next I switched into the Aptana Perspective of Aptana Studio. Since I did not want to place the whole WordPress instance in the Subversion repository, I generated a new project that only referenced my new plugin (which is originally part of another project). I named the project abc (again).

I clicked abc with the right mouse button and chose first “Team” and then “Share Project”. After selecting “SVN” I created the repository location shown above. As soon as I logged in with my username and password, I could perform an initial import of the files of my WordPress plugin into the Subversion repository.

As soon as I’m working with some other guys on the plugin using the setup described above, I’ll give you further insights and let you know if and Subversion/Subclipse in Aptana Studio are really fun…

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